2021 State of Visual Media report

Site concept and design as a Freelance Senior Designer for The Honor Roll.
Create an interactive microsite and accompanying content offer for Cloudinary’s annual report. The report analyzes data across 670+ global brands and provides insights into all things visual media over the past year, so there was a lot to visualize!
Because this is a long report with a lot of really neat data, we wanted to let that shine by visualizing notable insights.

The colorful circles and photography are implemented to balance the composition and keep things on brand and on topic (it is the "Visual Media" report after all!)


After the intro loads in and the visitor scrolls down, the table of contents stays put as navigation and a point of reference which chapter they're on.


Each chapter is designed specifically around its content, while reusing design patterns where possible.
Toggles and modals keep a level of interactivity throughout the scrolling experience.
Timed animations draw attention where it's needed and really highlight the differences in data points.