OpenStack® as a Service campaign

Storyboard and art direction for typographic video, illustration and design for digital and out-of-home advertisements, while employed as Senior Designer at The Honor Roll.
Promote Rackspace's OpenStack as a Service in anticipation of OpenStack summit in Austin, TX. The campaign consisted of a long and short-form video, digital ads, billboards, and airport digital and printed ads.
Empathize with the IT execs re: "cloud anxiety" by offering OpenStack as a Service – emphasizing both its ease-of-use and its uptime. The red lines sometimes appear agitated, serene, joyous, etc, and are a representation of the transition from chaos to order.
The "99.99%" creative incorporated similar red lines and ran alongside various edits of the longform video (above).
Large print banners and backlit animated banners featured all around the airport.
There were even 2 billboards: 1 near the airport and 1 in the middle of downtown.